November 3rd
MXA is proud to support global young SDG advocates from more than 20 countries to participate at YOUNGA 2020 as official delegates.

As a venture focused on innovation x impact through education, MXA through its KIDsforSDGs initiative sponsored the creative and artistic design work for more than 50 global delegates.

Youth partook in:

Leadership Panels

Main stage segment featuring cross-cutting conversations between top-level industry leaders and young influencers on pressing global challenges such as mental health, the future of education and work, gender equality, climate change and social justice.

Virtual Masterclasses

Online keynote segment to provide nuggets of wisdom and teachable moments for audience members to improve their personal or professional lives.

Immersive VR Performances

Main stage segments with immersive music, dance and other artistic showcases using cutting edge VR technology to produce a world-first experience. Connect with the performers in custom virtual worlds that bring their performance and message to life.

Fireside Chats

Candid one-on-one main stage interviews with VIP speakers with interactive audience Q&A addressing the hopes and concerns young people have for our future.